"No one could explain how this had happened!"


Dr. Subhash Das is a soft-spoken man, with a glint of keen intelligence sparkling behind his eyes. He wanted to give his testimony because, in his words, it was a “big miracle.”

He was raised in Kerala, India, by strong Christian parents Sathiya Das and Leela Bai in a solid Christian home but he himself was not a Christian. Subhash was the youngest of four children and had two brothers Sajith, the eldest, Suresh the middle brother and a sister Lekha. It was a relatively normal childhood. He admits he was a little spoiled, and often got away with being naughty. He recalls that he never truly adopted the Christian beliefs of his parents.

Subhash's interest was in the field of medicine. He received his medical graduation at Karnataka State India, in the neighboring state of Kerala. At the age of thirty, two years before starting his postgraduate studies, he fell in love and married Shimi Mony. She was raised in a strong Christian home as well, but unlike Subhash, she was a believer.

It was a very difficult and painful time for the couple.

Not long after they married, they were expecting their first child. God gifted them with a baby boy named Sebin Joshua. Five years later, Shimi conceived again. In the sixth month of her pregnancy, the baby was diagnosed with a condition called macrocephaly. They were told that the baby had a very large head, and were advised by doctors to have an abortion, since the baby would not live long after birth. Naturally, they were deeply torn. Shimi was against the abortion outright, but Subhash trusted the medical recommendation. Tragically, within a month, the baby died. It was a very difficult and painful time for the couple.

Two and a half years later, Shimi got pregnant again. Subhash’s friend who was a doctor suggested that they have a 3D scan performed at three months. He wanted to review a more detailed image of the baby, just in case. This was not common in India, but they went along with his friend’s recommendation. Sadly, the scan found the same result as the previous baby. Again, the doctors recommended that the baby be aborted, as it was projected to live only a few short years. Shimi flatly refused to have an abortion, but Subhash, himself a medical professional, was skeptical to allow the baby to reach full term. (He wept quietly as he recalled the details of these events).

They decided to trust God and keep the baby.

At that time, Shimi along with the leaders of their church had been praying and told Subhash to just believe. An organization called Indian Evangelistic Team (IET) sent a book called “Key to Miracles” to them. Shimi had been reading the book and asked Subhash to read it as well. He agreed, but neglected to do so. Five months into the pregnancy, Shimi decided to trust God and keep the baby and Subhash supported her decision. Soon after, they decided to have the baby’s brain ventricle measured, which if normal, should have been about 2.6 cm. Unfortunately, it measured nearly ten times that! It had grown even bigger than it was before! Subhash felt something spark inside of him and he promptly began to read the book. Now that the decision had been made to keep the baby, there was no turning back. And in June of 2008, he put his faith in Christ!

At seven months, after reading, praying and praising, they had another scan done. The process took quite a bit longer than usual. What was going on? Typically, this sort of scan takes up to half an hour to complete, yet it took over two hours to receive any news. Amazingly, when the result came, it showed the brain ventricle had reduced by almost half the size! Perplexed by this unexpected turn of events, the doctors consulted amongst one another to verify the facts. No one could explain how this had happened! Hope ignited in the couple, but they also knew that the baby must be carefully monitored from that moment forward. Two weeks later, in January 2009, they had another high-resolution scan done. Subhash and Shimi, not knowing what to expect, sat and watched anxiously as doctors dashed back and forth across the examination room door. After an agonizing three and a half hours, his doctor friend came running out, jumping in excitement. The baby’s brain ventricle measured the normal size! It was 2.6 cm exactly!

Shawn entered the world as a normal and completely healthy baby boy!

Miraculously, when little Shawn was born, there were no complications whatsoever. He entered the world as a normal and completely healthy baby boy.

At age four, in his first year of school, Shawn was required to attend class a minimum of two-hundred days. After the first ninety days had passed, he had only attended 26 days. A schoolwide parent-teacher meeting was held to discuss the students’ progress and address issues that might have arisen. Subhash and Shimi felt a little apprehensive about the conversation that awaited them regarding their son’s progress. They did not expect a good outcome. As it turned out, despite Shawn’s attendance, he still managed to rank first in his class! Shimi was even honored with the Best Mother Award! It was, in fact, an unexpected and wonderful outcome!

Today, Shawn is thirteen years old and in the 7th grade. To this day, he has maintained his position as one of the top ten academic performers in his school! Subhash himself is an orthopedic surgeon. Shawn, as well as his older brother Sebin Joshua are so inspired by the example of their father, that they intend to pursue careers in the medical field. Subhash expressed that he is very thankful, and that his faith grew stronger after what God did for him and his family. Happily, he testifies to have placed his full faith and trust in God so much so that he never even wants to miss a single church service!

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