Why "Stories at the Well"?


One simple story can change lives. An unexpected conversation at a well brought about an unexpected conversion for a large part of a city! All because a Samaritan woman shared her story with her community.

Jesus had arrived at Jacob’s well, tired from the journey He had been on. A Samaritan woman from the nearby town had come to draw water and encountered Christ the Messiah. This apparent stranger knew her and cared for her. That moment, that encounter redefined her life. She was overwhelmed with gladness and ran back to her town to tell everyone what had taken place!

In His church there are countless stories to be told which testify to the incredible love of Jesus as men and women encounter Him. Stories that reveal his faithfulness, mercy and grace. Each story is different. They have been lived out and experienced all over the world bringing hope and renewing our faith.

No matter where we are in our journey, at some point we will experience a moment at the well.

Here at Riverside, we wish to glorify God and bring encouragement by creating a space in which people who trust in Jesus can share and testify to the unique way God has intervened in their lives. It may be an answered prayer through discouraging times or how one came to know Jesus despite many challenges. Our stories are valuable. They help us build up others in their confidence to know that we serve a God who intervenes. He is not remote. He hears and sees. He cares.

Some journey through life without hope. Without an anchor. They feel rudderless. They encounter the unexpected. They are helpless against what is out of their control. They wonder if God exists. Some may even believe he does but go their own way. Others may want to know who the one true God is but feel far from finding the answers they seek about him.

We have provided a collection of personal accounts from those who trust in Jesus which we believe will encourage you in your walk of faith. If you are seeking to know about God and do not yet believe we pray these stories will testify to you that He is real. He is a personal and intimate God that you can know. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would love to speak with you, pray with you and share life with you!

No matter where we are in our journey, at some point we will experience a moment at the well. We need to be restored and find living water that can truly satisfy. Come and let’s talk at the well. Just like Jesus and the Samaritan woman did. We believe that our lives, too, will never be the same.